Rio Pavilion

Inaugurated on May 26, 1957 under the name Pavilhão Keil do Amaral (The Keil do Amaral Pavilion), it was, for more than 40 years, FIL – The Lisbon Exhibition and Congress Centre.

In September of 2007, it was renamed Pavilhão do Rio (The Rio Pavilion). A space for the realization of large-scale events which, today, is one of Lisbon and Portugal’s historical milestones.

At 3.800 square feet and column-free, the space is highly versatile, and also includes a 3.5 meter elevated level, with a floor space of approximately 1.100 square meters.

The space is adaptable and perfect for large-scale events. It can accommodate fairs, exhibitions, conferences, meetings, shows, parties, catering services, and more. It’s location inside the CCL – The Lisbon Congress Centre allows for full autonomy from, or full integration with, the other spaces.

3.800 sqm
2500 pax
220 stands of 9 sqm
1500 posters
2000 pax
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  • Area: 3.800 sqm
  • Gallery: 1123 sqm
  • Length: 98m
  • Width: 40m
  • Height: 16m
  • Under the gallery: 3m


  • Theatre: 2500 pax
  • Banquet (10pax): 2000pax
  • Cabaret 8pax: 1600 pax
  • Nº of tables: 200

Technical Specifications

  • Copper cabling and respective active equipment.
  • Excellent wireless network signal reception.
  • Infrastructure includes water and sewage system.
  • Electrical sockets are distributed throughout flooring
  • Air-conditioning with 26 independent units.
  • CCTV surveillance system
  • Fire detection system
  • Possibility for rigging across entire pavilion.
  • Possibility for rigging across entire pavilion.

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Other spaces

Pavilion 1

Pavilion 1 features 1.800 square meters of total floor space. It can accommodate up to 60 stands at 9 square meters each and can be merged with Auditorium V, transforming the space into an impressive venue for fairs and exhibitions, product launches, catering areas, coffee-breaks, lounge areas, and more.

Pavilion 3

At 1.200 square meters, Pavilion 3 allows for the realization of expos, accommodating up to 45 stands at 9 square meters each, and catering services for up to 800 persons (seated).